a cheval à travers l'Alaska

A cheval à travers l’Alaska

Documentary film

Executive production : Aldabra Films 

Director : Pauline Decroix.

Genre :  Aventure
Country :  France
Release date : 2009 Voyages / 2011 FOx

Détails :

Alaska is still a pristine and wild corner of our planet. Laurent, Philippe, and Megan have a crazy idea: to walk in the footsteps of the pioneers of this great expanse of land, with the particularity of choosing horses as companions. At the time of the gold rush pioneers horses were the only mode of transportation capable of crossing such remote regions. They were mostly packhorses used to carry goods. Boogie and Chevelle will be bought there, and they will pace this long road up north, and impress upon us even more the conditions of that era. The start will be from a harbor town which saw thousands of people disembark in their search for a new life – Valdez. We will advance north through the Wrangell-St Elias National Park, a location which also bears witness to the progression of these pioneers. Our finish will be Prudhoe Bay which lays on the shores of the glacial Arctic Ocean. A special place, and thus, because trod by only a few of us, a unique place.