Aldabra Films provides solutions to videos and films productions at competitive prices for both shootings and photographic projects in French Guiana, Brazil, Surinam and French Caribbean.

Based in Paris and Cayenne, Aldabra Films offers a variety of locations from cityscapes to landscapes such as jungle and beach… Our network and partners enable us to operate in Brazil, Columbia, Surinam and French Caribbean.

Our experience allows us to anticipate problems and find effectives solutions. Aldabra Films assists you in each step of your video, film, or photographic production for scouting the locations, casting and at every step of production. Our goal is to provide you with quality choices while giving you cost-effective solutions that will meet your specific needs.


Thanks to its territory knowledge, Aldabra Films enables you to find the right location for your shooting.


Our experience allows us to organize your shootings and to assist you all along.


Through our network, Aldabra Films helps you to hire the right crew that will perfectly fits your needs.


Aldabra Films helps you while composing the cast of your project.


Our industry expertise enables us to propose you the quality equipment for your shootings.


Aldabra Films helps you to find solutions for travel and accommodations.